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Leader Potential Group 20 % growth in 2019 and renewal of services in 2020 to adapt to market disruption

Leader Potential Group continued its successful growth journey during 2019. The result exceeded previous year growth figures with 20%. Especially, Executive Coaching and Executive Assessments for key positions were strong growth areas. In addition to these areas the demand for Leadership Team Development showed a clear growth rate 2019 and it has continued into 2020.

The market disruption caused by the pandemic COVID 19 made us excellerate the transformation of our services and offerings to digital format. Our assessment offerings where all transformed to digital solutions enabling virtual assessments in all assessment categories of our offerings. Today, our main leadership development solutions can be offered either face-2-face, blended or as fully virtual solutions. Programs such as “Leading without Authority” and “Coaching Leadership skills”, “Developing a Feedback Culture” are good examples of such learning solutions. We have a history of conducting High Impact Coaching programs through virtual means already since several years back. The demand for virtual coaching has increased throughout the whole year 2020.

A big thank you to all our loyal clients for great cooperation and partnership!